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Enjoy A Night In with your girls.

“The First Wives Club” is a creepy revenge comedy about three women who are dumped by their husbands. They don't get mad, they get even. Well, they get mad, too. The film opens at college in 1969, when four new graduates vow eternal friendship. They don't stay in touch, however, and it takes the suicide of one to bring the other three together at her funeral.

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Working women have busy schedules, its hard trying to stay fabulous 24/7. here are few tips to help you stay on track.  Purchase quality garments for longevivty Understand every store services a fashion purpose  Pair your wardrobe with your week Organize your outfits for the week on Sunday  Buy a small clothing rack  Get creative with wardrobe basics  When all else fails focus on your Hair & Lippie Accessorize but don't over due it  Shop your closet (Take a moment and go through your wardrobe) 

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Summer Breeze Cocktail

  Make this Summer Breeze Cocktail your signature recipe at your next summer party.  It is refreshing, yet has a kick. The easy to make cocktail features tequila, Citron and triple sec along with orange juice…and a splash of grenadine to sweeten it up.  Try one this weekend. INGREDIENTS 1 oz of Tequila 1 oz Absolute Citron Vodka ½ oz Triple Sec 1 cup of OJ Grenadine Ice INSTRUCTIONS Fill a glass with ice Pour your liquor in the glass Add OJ to the top Lightly stir Pour in grenadine ENJOY

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